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  • Pinkel Hossain Photography Production is Specializing in International Beauty Pageant, Fashion Photography cinematography- Film Festival, Wedding photography Event management with Online video host & TV drama Making Company. It was founded by Jahid Hossain Pinkel from 2013. Over the years the company has made a healthy history from the World for working with major International Pageant – Fashion, Wedding & covering Film festival as well. Pinkel Hossain Photography running around the world with International Video host for Online videography with live streaming.
  • Winner of national and international photography awards, namely the prestigious Travel Photographer Of The Year, in 2017

  • Published more than a hundred articles and chronicles in the national and international press, including The Guardian, The Times,The Daily Sun, Ntv Bangladesh, others. His photographs are used frequently by international brands, namely Canon, IKEA, ABC Studios, among others.
  • Pinkel Hossain Photography Production running around the world for Internationally Coverage with International TV host reporter from around the world !

Personal Information

IMG 0862My name is Jahid Hossain Pinkel, better known as Pinkel Hossain, & I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I graduated with a degree in Photography from Pathshala (The South Asian Media Academy Bangladesh). I choose photography as my passion to show others how I see the world and it broadens the opportunities of exploring places and moments from my point of view. My photography journey started in 2013 with Bangladeshi Ntv program Styles and Trends (World Entertainment and Fashion) Photographers’ from my very first period of the undergraduate program. What really inspired me for exploring different styles of photography are the people around the world who are harnessing photography as both their passion and full time job. I decided to inspire others through my photos, just as I was inspired by those around the world who are dedicated to their photography. I find a different meaning of life in each photograph I take. The never ending chance of capturing and creating photographs gives me the reason behind continuing this journey. 


  1. LBMA fashion week 2018 South Korea
  2. JAPAN international Film Festival 2018
  3. Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018 ( Malaysia )
  4. JAPAN international Film Festival 2017
  5. FFFW in TURKEY 2017
  6. Miss Cosmopolitan World 2017 ( Malaysia )
  7. Festival In Russia 2017
  8. Supermodel International 2017 ( India )
  9. Mister Tourism World 2016 ( Philippines )
  10. Miss Cosmopolitan World 2016 ( Malaysia )
  11. Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015 ( Malaysia )
  12. MUPHO 2015 ( Dubai )
  13. Super Talent of the World 2014 ( South Korea )
  14. International Film Festival 2014 ( South Korea )
  15. Miss Southeast Asian International 2014 ( Thailand )
  16. Supermodel International 2012 / 2013 ( Thailand )
  17. Face of Beauty International 2012 / 2013 ( NZ / Thailand )
  18. Supermodel Of Asia Pacific International 2011( Thailand )

General Information

Pinkel Hossain Photography is The number one International Pageants & Event Related Photography name That run from Jahid Hossain Pinkel.We are running around the world with International Pageant & Event photo/ Video Coverage. We take pictures and express our creativity through photography.

We Cover this International Pageants already as Official photographer
-Supermodel International 2017
-Mister Tourism World 2016
-Miss Cosmopolitan World 2016
-Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015

My work is available at – The Daily IttefaqNew Age, The Daily Star, DrikNEWS, Daily Ajker Kagoj and Bhorer Kagoj.